SAR Aero - Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Systems Engineering Serivces | FAQ
Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Systems for sale.
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR), SAR systems, SAR Unit, Airborne SAR, Airplane SAR, Aerial SAR, SAR UAV, SAR Drone, Lightweight aircraft SAR
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Is your technology ITAR controlled?

Yes, our products are ITAR export controlled.

Do you have a off the shelf product?

No. We are currently working on a new low cost airborne product and we will update the website as we get closer to a finished product.

How small can you make your radar electronics?

Depending on a customers need we can make SAR electronics as small as a altoids tin.

Do you do custom work?

Today, all of our work is custom. We have a minimum $500,000 retainer for all new work.

Processing time and availability?

Depending on the project, development time range from a minimum of 4 months to over a year

L-Band? X-Band? Ku?

Yes, we can build SAR systems for different bands.

Resolution and Modes?

We do not have a off the shelf product and each product is custom. It is difficult to offer an understanding the effect of different variables in order to obtain the required resolution or area coverage. Important scanning modes (stripmap/spotlight), sampling frequencies , altitude etc. are all different depending on the individual specs of each project.

More questions?

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